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Technology Through Touch

TS Systems creates state-of-the-art intelligent display touch screen solutions for Campervans, Horseboxes and HGV's.

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About Us


TS-Systems is the brainchild of both Tony Heywood and Shane Cooper. Coming from different backgrounds, they met on an electrical job in 2017 and before you knew it, there was a bolt of lightning, the sparks flew and amidst the haze of electrical fumes, they found themselves in the pub putting the world of electrics to rights over a pint or three and TS-Systems was born.


Having installed similar technology in the homes of those with a bob or two to control household items from a central location, they soon realised the potential to add the technology into vehicles where data is needed and controlled whilst in transit as well as when the vehicle is parked up.

See how easy it is to use...

How it works...

The Concept

So why have a touch screen, what does it do?

Turn your caravan, motorhome, horsebox or HGV into a smart one. Touch screen technology provides the opportunity for items such as air conditioning, heating, lighting and many other creature comforts to be accessed, controlled and monitored from one location in a single convenient display using your fingertips.  You are buying a totally bespoke intelligent display touch screen which is unique to you and your vehicle and not a boring off the shelf limited function product which any old Tom, Dick and Harry has (sorry lads).

OK, I'm interested, what next?

Simple, call us, we'll talk you through your options

Grab a cuppa, sit back and talk to us about what you want your home from home to do.  We can create and program smart screens to do many different functions.  Perhaps you need to monitor horses and want to check the air conditioning or heating for them.  You might want to simply have a central location where you can access items such as Leisure battery levels or check how much freshwater you have on board, what the temperatures are inside or outside, turn on various lighting elements or simply turn them off from your bed.  The variations you can have are endless.

Let's get started...

How do we do it?

We will then set about designing, creating and programming your screen and will contact you to arrange for us to have access to your vehicle for installation.  After that, we will talk and walk you through all the elements, so you are happy and confident using all aspects of each of the functions programmed.  After that, you hop in, drive away and play with your new toy, (erm, we mean sophisticated, modern technological breakthrough futuristic device) and wonder how you survived before.  

TS-Systems Touch Screen
Benefits of Touch Screens

Ease of Use

A major advantage touch screens have over other input methods is the ease of use. Whilst usual methods of a keyboard and mouse are familiar to most people, reaching out and touching icons on a screen comes intuitively even if you have never used a computer screen.


Have you really looked at a keyboard or a mouse after use - let's face it how many times do we clean them? Touch screens are a simple, wipe with a disinfectant cloth and all those nasty bacteria are gone. This is a lesson we should all learn and remember from our 2020 Covid-19 experience.

Real-Time Data

The digital display will show up-to-date data as it happens.  Examples are temperature control for horses in transit, power for batteries, fluid amounts in water tanks to name but  a few.

Assistive Technology

Touch screens provide a valuable method of accommodating people with physical issues that may make using a traditional mouse, stylus or keyboard difficult, for example, they suffer from ailments such as arthritis.


Because the display and input space are integrated, the design of the unit means that it does not take up much space which can be a premium in most vehicles and all cabling is hidden, giving a more aesthetic appearance too.


We won't lie, these screens are fun to use, they provide a graphic visual presentation of data that is easy to understand and control.

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