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Here are a few of our services...

Spot those motorbikes or
cyclists whilst driving
Watch out for that low wall or bollard
Have you seen that large muddy pothole you are about to reverse in to
Extra evidence to support insurance/legal claims
Easy CCTV system at no extra cost
To See or Not to See:
Luckily, Motosparkz has the answer...

360iSITE is a state-of-the-art driving/safety AVM (around-view monitoring display unit). It was originally designed as a visual parking and manoeuvering aid for those driving large vehicles such as Horse/livestock transporters, HGV's, motorhomes, buses, emergency vehicles, engineering machinery and anything with a large trailer. 

This innovative system utilises four or more individual wide-angle cameras mounted around the vehicle. The images are then processed to provide a full 360° video on your screen to form a bird's eye view.  Five different views are selected through the control switch, some of which are automatically selected when the indicators or reverse gear is selected.

A large proportion of road accidents are sadly down to blind spots associated with the vehicle design. This system helps the driver evaluate these without them turning into a statistic.

360iSITE Benefits.png
Gives peace of mind whilst driving and manoeuvering large vehicles for your safety and those around you

The benefits of using such a system are expanding all the time. The system can also be upgraded to record data whilst parked as an optional extra.  For example, let's say your very expensive vehicle is parked up overnight, the cameras then act as CCTV, recording any views providing valuable evidence against theft or tampering. This can be monitored remotely at any time via internet access.

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