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Whatever you drive or ride be it expensive or a cheaper model, a classic or one that is sentimental, we can help protect it.  After all, your vehicle is your way of life and not merely a convenience, it is a necessity. Therefore, it is only natural that you want to do everything you can to keep your vehicle YOURS. 

Imagine the hassle if someone were to steal your car, you would not be able to go anywhere without relying on someone else. It would slow down your life and quickly become frustrating. Even though you might have insurance and be covered, it will still be a huge inconvenience, especially if they did not steal it but left it in a state and you had to organise its repair.

So what options are there?






Immobilisers and

Ghost Immobilisers

What is Relay Theft?

Relay theft is when two thieves work together to access your car by grabbing the key signal and remotely transmitting it to the vehicle. If you're the owner of a keyless entry car and have your car parked on the driveway, keeping your key near your front door can be particularly risky.

Fitting aftermarket items such as ghost immobilisers and visual deterrents such as steering wheel locks are the best means of defeating this growing trend.

Where's hot and where's not
in van crime?

The VaVoid app has been created to help tradesmen and other van owners in the UK to protect their tools, van and livelihood from the epidemic of van tool theft and van thefts that have been happening more and more frequently in the UK and worldwide in recent years.

If you are a van driver, check out this video from my colleague Jeff Scott who has created this fantastic app to help protect against van crime.


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